About us

We aim to create value for diners and restaurateurs, by providing unique way of organizing, categorizing and linking multiple information sources with their menu, food and ingredients. We believe in today’s fast pace world with automation, flexibility, synchronicity, knowledge and most importantly cut the mustard attitude one could unleash tremendous value across multiple channels.


We have created menu.com with those core principals in mind. Whether you are a restaurant owner that needs additional help during lunch rush hour for someone to pick up the phone and handle your order intake, or in a need of a customized (transactional) website or mobile app to make off premise order taking easier, or just curious about the competitiveness of your menu offering, we are here to help.


In retrospect, menu.com is still at it infancy and full of potential and like most things, it will require user engagement, love and time to grow to reach its destiny. We pray that our growth and yours are in synch and we could be part of each other's journey.